Joel Rothwell

Joel Rothwell was born in Manchester 21 year ago.

His passion for music started at a very early age with his sister Rebecca as they went to concerts and improvised together imitating artistes that they wished to aspire to in later years. Such has been the relationship between him and his sister that they have been songwriting together for a number of years. Their inspirations are taken from many genres from Maroon 5, Eminem to

He went out to a Brighton studio with producer Toby Scott and recorded 4 inspired songs, the first of which is called Beautiful Monster and will be released on Friday 2 November. The song is about a boy finding his perfect and beautiful girl and even though he has been told she is trouble, nothing will detract him from her. As he sees their relationship going forward, he finds that what people have been telling him are true, but he does not want to leave her even though it is deeply hurting him.

He is touring the Coffee House sessions at 20 Universities up and down the UK, starting on 12th November with his band and is one not to miss.

“The end of 2018 and into 2019 looks like the exciting period ahead for Joel Rothwell” – Music Weekly
British GQ Magazine have both said – Joel Rothwell is ‘The Next Big Star’ and that his ‘Future is Bright’

‘The One to Watch Out for In the Future’


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