Ciircus Street

With attitude-filled, perfectly harmonising vocals, Ciircus Street have been uniquely described in the past as a mixture of ‘salt and honey’. The contrasting, yet compatible nature of their voices gives the listener a taste of what’s yet to come from such raw potential.

The Reading based duo, consisting of Sam Brett (vocals/ guitar) and Jim Crowder (vocals/ keyboard), was formed one night in Oxford after walking past the city’s ‘Circus Street’. Both agreed it would make a good band name, but it wasn’t until later that night when they attended a gig and knocked back a few drinks, that the pair decided to form a duo.

Ciircus Street’s second single ‘Lost’ has been streamed over 70,000 times on Spotify and they continue their success with a third single release titled ‘Broken’.

‘Broken’ explores that period of fragility when one comes to terms with their pain, understanding that it’s for the best, yet still feeling a sense of vulnerability. Ciircus Street truly shed light on moving on from heartbreak and the mixture of feelings and emotions that come along with it. Sam & Jim list notable artists such as Lewis Capaldi and Kodaline as their inspirations when writing the track.


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